Maeve is a full-service executive coach who offers coaching, consulting, and workshops.  

Why work with Maeve

What can you expect to gain from participating in Leadership Coaching as my professional development this year? 


We hope you will gain a new skill to add to your leadership toolbox, that can be used to help empower the people with whom you work.  We’ve attached an additional brochure which more specifically outlines the components of the program.


How does The Coach Approach fit for an experienced and successful teacher who is transitioning to a new administrative role?


Your experience and success in your teaching role is a great advantage to you as an administrator!  One of the most important components of your new administrative role is Instructional Leadership – this is a great place to utilize coaching skills, to support staff by helping them move forward on their instructional goals. 

Our coaching framework uses an inquiry process to help others:

  • gain clarity

  • discover their focus

  • explore pathways and options based on their own skills, experience, and interests  

  • and most importantly, commit to action

You will also learn that listening without judgement and questioning from a genuine place of curiosity will help those who you lead to be solution-focussed, gain greater self-insight and improve their well being.